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      Our medical videos are informative, educational, and just plain enjoyment for the medically interested general public. Stimulate your child's interest in a medical career or discover if your child has an interest in a medical career.  Our membership site contains current videos covering anatomy, lacerations, x-rays, oxygen, medical math, and many diseases. More are coming soon! Only in actual medical school can you learn some of the information and procedures in our videos. Select links below to purchase individual DVDs or select Membership below for information on streaming all our video from the membership site.

The Videos on "Video Collection 1" and "Video Collection 2" are DVD-ROMs with video files that can be viewed on a computer or an ipad with a wmv player app.

The Following individual videos are included on Video Collection 1 or 2, but are also available as a separate purchase:

Lacerations and Suturing   

Reading the EKG

Anatomy Overview   

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The Following individual videos are included on Video Collection 1 or 2, but are NOT AVAILABLE as a separate purchase:

Understanding X-Rays   

Anatomy Review   

Incredible Oxygen   

Girnatomy 1

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Our magazine, The Incredible Medical School, can be read on Apple Devices IOS "Newsstand" and on Android Devices "Google Play".

Our ebooks can be found on iTunes in the iBooks section: (Only $1.99 each)
    1. Fever in Children
    2. Incredible Oxygen
    3. Basic Medical Math
    4. The Urinalysis and Reagent Strips


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