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Instructional video with detailed information and sample EKGs in pdf format. 

This instructional video was produced by physicians at The Incredible Medical School. Great for adults wanting to learn the basics of the EKG. Children interested in the medical field will find this information fun and educational. Home schools, private schools, and special magnet schools will find this video especially useful. YOU CAN LEARN TO READ AN EKG!

The EKG Video explains and demonstrates:
    Electrical System of the Heart.
    Normal EKG.
    P Wave, QRS Complex, Q Wave, ST Segment, T Wave.
    Heart Attack Pattern.
    Atrial and Ventricular Fibrillation.
    Left and Right Bundle Branch Block.
    First, Second, and Complete Heart Block.
    Heart Rhythms.
    Heart Axis.
    EKG Leads.

Don't try to learn the EKG by looking at pictures in a book.  Get actual video instructions.  Anyone can learn to Understand the EKG (ElectroCardioGram; ECG; EKG)!  Learn how to analyze and interpret the EKG.  This video will teach you to understand EKGs. It provides the basic instructions on interpreting the EKG. Approximately 2 hours in length. It covers the electrical system of the heart and how it is recorded with an EKG machine. You will learn what the lines on an ekg tells you about the heart. Learn how to recognize a heart attack, irregular rhythm, too fast or too slow rhythm, lethal rhythms such as ventricular fibrillation, blocks of the heart nerve system known as bundle branch blocks, first degree heart blocks, second degree heart blocks, third degree heart blocks, heart enlargement, the axis of the heart, p waves, qrs complex, st segment, t wave, and other information concerning the EKG. Finally, The Incredible Medical School makes this information available for the general public! Great for teens and Adults.

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